Got Fire Ants? Call Us For Professional Removal In Phoenix AZ

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Got Fire Ants? Call Us For Professional Removal In Phoenix AZ

If you think you have a fire ant infestation on your Phoenix AZ property, don’t wait to call an exterminator. Fire ants are an invasive species that can cause painful stings in humans and animals. They are also aggressive swarming insects so trying a DIY approach to removing them may be unsafe.

How Do I Know I Have A Fire Ant Problem?

There are three different types of fire ants that live in Arizona. They are small and can be either black or reddish in color. Unless you know what to look for, fire ants look similar to other ants aside from their red tones. Their habitat is fairly obvious though and makes it easier to determine that you have fire ants in your yard. If you see sandy mounds along the edges of your yard, then it may be a fire ant colony. The mounds can get extremely large if left unchecked and house thousands of worker ants. These dangerous pests especially like open areas that get plenty of sun.

Fire Ants Are A Threat To Your Family

Fire ants are extremely aggressive and will attack anything they see as an intruder. It’s common for children to get stung by fire ants on their feet, ankles and legs since kids are most likely to walk over a mound without realizing it. The sting of a fire ant is not just extremely painful, but it can produce side effects such as itching, swelling and nausea. If you’re allergic to the venom of the fire ant, then you’ll need to seek medical attention immediately.

Why You Need A Professional Exterminator For Your Fire Ant Removal

Fire ants will attack in large numbers when their colony is disturbed. While some people opt to try baiting the nest and using insecticide to kill the fire ants outside the nest, hiring an exterminator is the best way to ensure your property is free of these stinging fire ants. Contact us for all of your fire ant removal needs today and keep your family safe.

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