Common Pests in Phoenix Arizona and How to Deal With Them

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Common Pests in Phoenix Arizona and How to Deal With Them

The usual suspects of pests in Phoenix, Arizona include bed bugs, ticks, and ants. Unfortunately, cockroaches and bees can also make life difficult, which is why Atomic Pest Control handles these pests as well. Other pests in Arizona, such as tarantulas, can be frightening to think about but are actually fairly harmless.

The truth is that although tarantulas can be unsettling to think about, the bite of a tarantula is typically harmless, aside from the initial pain. Ticks, by contrast, can be carriers of lyme disease. Termites, moreover, can chisel away at the foundation of your Arizona home and cause a lot of headaches during their heyday from August until late fall in Arizona. This small window, ideal for termites because of the ambient temperature, is all that termites potentially need to get a foothold.

There are actually steps that you can take today to prevent termites, ants, and other kinds of pests from overrunning your home or workplace. These steps include:

-Checking that windows and doors and properly insulated
-Remove wood piles and other wood from around home (termite prevention)
-Check for bed bugs, especially if gone, e.g., on vacation, for a while
-Wear protective clothing outdoors (tick prevention)
-Contact Atomic Pest Control if you spot infestation signs

The signs of an infestation in your Arizona home or workplace can vary based on the pest in question. Signs of termites can include drooping drywall, peeling paint that may look like water damage, and hollowed-out wood in your yard. Wood flooring that buckles can also be a sign that termites are furiously at work undermining your wooden flooring and eventually your foundation!

Signs of ants in Arizona are typically less subtle. You may notice ants racing about on the floor or your dog’s food is feeding ants rather than Sparky. Ant nests around your home can be an additional giveaway that you have an ant infestation on your hands and that you need to give Atomic Pest Control a call.

For those in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Payson, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler, Arizona, contact Atomic Pest Control to set up an pest control inspection and appointment.

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