The Cockroach Invasion and 5 Ways To Stop It

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The Cockroach Invasion and 5 Ways To Stop It

Among the many pests that call Arizona home, cockroaches are some of the most common. They are quick to invade a home and set up permanent residence if you aren’t careful. Cockroaches need little to no room to maneuver through a home, making them a household pest that must be managed. Many health concerns arise from cockroach infestations. Asthma and breathing problems occur from droppings, eggs, saliva and more. If you believe you have a cockroach problem, contact a professional pest control service immediately.

The German Cockroach is one of the most commonly found in and around the Phoenix, Az metro area. This bug can live off of water alone for nearly 1 month. Being attracted to moisture and food, this pest can be difficult to control. The Turkestan Cockroach is commonly found in sewer systems. The City of Phoenix, Az has taken drastic measures to stop the cockroach invasion. Every year, city workers paint a latex insecticide on 38,000 manholes located around the city. While this helps to keep the sewers cockroach free, it is up to residents to combat the problem at home. Professional pest control can rid your home of cockroaches quickly, however there are some things you can do at home to prevent an invasion of the dreadful cockroach.

5 steps you can take right now to prevent a cockroach invasion:

  • Seal any cracks and crevices throughout your home.
  • Do not leave food unattended or uncovered.
  • Keep plumbing drains clean and covered.
  • Make sure your home is tidy and clear of clutter.
  • Do not store items like boxes, paper bags or newspaper.
  • Clear debris from storage sheds and garage areas.

Cockroaches are known to be difficult to get rid of. Hiring a Phoenix Pest Control professional is the best option when it comes to battling these pests. Take the measures listed above to maintain a cockroach free home or workplace. If you have a cockroach invasion in the Phoenix, Az metro area, contact us here or call us today at 480-832-8888. We will be happy to discuss our Pest Control services with you.

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