Bugs To Still Be Wary Of This Winter

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Bugs To Still Be Wary Of This Winter

With Winter just around the corner, it’s almost too easy to forget about annoying pests that lurk just out of sight, waiting to invade your home. They seem to go away at the drop of a hat whenever the weather decides to change. The thing is that they are usually still there. We just usually don’t see them. Depending on the type of pest, they are probably going to live through the Winter as unexpected as that may be. Just as we previously discussed, they may even cause you more trouble than usual since the weather will cause them to relocate in order for them to endure. With that being said, it is important to still be cautious of all the bugs you would typically be worried about.

In particular, bed bugs are still a threat and possibly even more so since it is cold outside, and they will need a place to go. In fact, they are able to hibernate during the Winter in many places in your home. Many spots include mattresses, wooden objects, and anything that may be lying around your arranged sleeping area. They can live for up to an entire year without feeding off their intended target!

With this being the case, it is best to regularly check these areas for any that may be sneaking around or call for a certified routine inspection by a professional. Unfortunately enough, if you spot one bed bug, you may be headed for an infestation if you have not been under attack already. If you are in the Payson, Flagstaff, or Phoenix area, just give us a call! We are ready to help!

Additionally, we would like to encourage you to refer to our Bed Bug Travel Tips page since travelling is usually more frequent during the Winter season and can give more potential opportunities to these blood suckers!

If you think you have Bed Bugs in Arizona, call our bed bug pest control experts for help and a quote to get rid of them

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