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Best Scorpion Pest Control Services in Phoenix

The arid desert that surrounds Phoenix makes the community vulnerable to a variety of unique pests. Some of these invaders are very dangerous to humans and pets. Scorpions are a common threat in the Phoenix Valley. The sting of the bark scorpion is highly venomous and a particular hazard to children and elderly adults.

General Description

Bark scorpions are slender and measure up to a mere three inches in length. They have a single, darkened triangle-shaped marking on the top of their heads. The creatures vary in color from yellowish tan to dark tan. They might also have dark brown bands running horizontally down the length of their bodies to the tale. While most scorpion species carry their tails upward and curved, the bark scorpion’s tale may be fully extended behind them or curled to one side. The tail raises just before an attack. The species has a lifespan of six to eight years, and females give birth to as many as 35 live young. Unlike the majority of scorpion species that prefer to live solitary lifestyles, the bark variety tend to congregate in packs of up to 30. The bark scorpions are also excellent climbers.

Favorite Habitats

In order for the scorpion to retain body moisture in the hot climate of the Phoenix desert, they avoid the sun by hiding under logs, rocks or dead vegetation. Around properties, the scorpions seek shelter under concrete, wood piles or in the cracks of block-wall fences or foundations. Being nocturnal, they venture out of their hiding places at night to feed. They are easily visible under the illumination of a black light, which gives the scorpion a greenish glow.

Home Access

Bark scorpions gain entry into homes and businesses through doorways, around windows, around the small spaces where plumbing and wiring enter the structures. They can also easily enter unprotected vents that open to the exterior or through foundation cracks.

Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions are experts at survival, which means that conventional removal methods are ineffective. The products needed for effective bark scorpion removal kill the scorpions and the insects they eat. The compounds are also specially formulated to continue being lethal after they dry. A complete removal process can take up to one month. Once eliminated in the home or business, scorpions continue venturing onto your property from other properties, the desert, green belts and rocky areas. Products applied about buildings and yards continue killing scorpions over the long haul. Monthly follow-up treatments keep scorpions and their food source at bay.

Prevention Measures

Making homes and businesses less attractive as scorpion habitats also help in the control process. Some protective steps include:

• Minimizing clutter
• Eliminating debris
• Fill cracks around entryways, windows and foundations
• Install screen barriers inside of vents
• Avoid having oleanders
• Use bug elimination lights near entryways
• Keep stacked wood at least 20 feet from structures
• Do not use doggy doors
• Find and repair water leaks

If you need help with getting rid of Scorpions in the Phoenix, AZ area call our Scorpion Pest Control experts at 480-832-8888

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