Professional Exterminators Offer Best Pest Control Services in Phoenix AZ

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Professional Exterminators Offer Best Pest Control Services in Phoenix AZ

The best way for Phoenix property owners to maintain a comfortable and safe place to live is through effective pest control. Even though numerous individuals believe that insects and rats are merely a source of annoyance in their dwelling, this is not the case. Certain pests can put members of the home in danger, including any pets that reside on the property.


Homeowners often cringe at the sight of mice and rats, but do not realize that these creatures present a health hazard to residents of the home. Rats and mice are especially troublesome in Arizona, particularly during spring and summer. Virtually any kind of food attracts them, and in order to reach edible refuse they are usually willing to chew relentlessly. They invade yards, apartments, homes, sheds and garages.

Rats and mice can carry a vast array of diseases and germs. For this reason, a substantial number of rodents on a property can pose a serious health risk to those who live in the dwelling. Poisons can be purchased in many hardware and home-improvement stores, but because of the banning of specific pesticides, many formulas are now very mild and are often ineffective unless the infestation is very small. For this reason, those struggling with mice and rats on their property should contact a pest control company to remedy the problem.


Scorpions have always been problematic for property owners in Arizona. Not only are their bites painful, they may be deadly as well. They also pose a significant hazard to dogs, cats or any other pet animal that may try to play with them or chase them around. Deserts in Arizona are filled with scorpions, and these frightening creatures are fearless with regard to invading residential neighborhoods. Anyone who finds even one pest of this type can safely assume there are more on the way. Only a professional exterminator is qualified to handle scorpions.


Most bees in the Phoenix area are considered African bees, which are extremely dangerous if provoked. This species of bee is one of the most territorial in existence and when a threat is perceived, they quickly swarm and attack. Their bites are extremely painful and they are highly dangerous to any individual with an allergy to bee venom. Over-the-counter sprays can typically be used to destroy hives that are constructed in plain sight, but most hives of this kind are built where they cannot be seen by the home’s residents. Whether a bee infestation is visible or a homeowner merely suspects that such insects have invaded the property, action should be taken to avoid a more serious problem.

It is never a good idea to try to take care of a pest infestation without the help of a licensed exterminator. Therefore, it is in the best interest of any consumer to seek the advice of a professional pest control expert if rodents, scorpions, bees or other pests have invaded his or her property.

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