How To Protect Your Home From Bee Infestation in San Tan Valley, AZ

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How To Protect Your Home From Bee Infestation in San Tan Valley, AZ

Bee Removal in San Tan Valley, AZ

Bees are perhaps some of the commonly known insects to man, especially for their sweet honey. However, bees can unleash their nasty side and offer a nasty, frightening, and sometimes deadly attack. An individual bee is not that much of a threat. However, when the bees team up and form a swarm, they can pose a threat to you and the whole neighborhood. In Arizona, this summer, bees would be most likely roaming around looking for a suitable place to build a hive. It is therefore important to know various steps that you should take to prevent them from nesting in your house of compound as they can be difficult to root out once they settle.

Outdoor protective measures

Bees are normally attracted to a given place for various reasons and features. The first measure that you should take to ensure that your house of safe from bees is to comb it in search of various features that attract bees.

Certain flowers, especially those planted in a flower garden contribute heavily towards attracting bees. However, since you cannot choose to slash down your garden to keep the bees away, you should ensure that you regularly spray your garden with a powerful insecticide that repels any bees and other insects that may visit.

Also, bees are attracted to watery areas such as ponds and open vessels containing water where they can drink from. To prevent your compound from becoming a hub for bees, it is important to drain off all ponds of water that may form on the ground. Water bodies such as those of the swimming pool that you cannot drain off should be properly chlorinated to keep away the bees.

Indoor protective measures

Bees generally love dark areas where they can nest in. They can find their way into the ceiling where they mass together to improvise a hive. Some places such as the garage where there are oils and dirt of all kinds could also be a potential bee attractant. To prevent them from entering and colonizing favorable areas of your house, it is necessary to keep your doors closed and any holes properly sealed off.

Another suitable measure that you should take is being on the lookout for bees around your area. Bees generally tend to attract each other by following the pheromone scents they produce. Whenever you spot a few bees in your area or compound, it is best to set in place preventive measures such as checking whether they have colonized your house.

If these preventative measures do not fix the problem, call our bee removal specialists in San Tan Valley for assistance.

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