Phoenix Bee Removal & Bee Pest Control Share Serious Dangers with Bees

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Phoenix Bee Removal & Bee Pest Control Share Serious Dangers with Bees

Fun Facts about Bees as well as Serious Dangers

The bees that create honey were not natural inhabitants of North America. Europeans brought honey bees because of their ability to produce honey. They’re actually the only insect that can produce food that humans can use for survival. It contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we can use to survive without needing any other foods. It even has water in it.

The common colony of bees has between twenty thousand and sixty thousand worker bees. In all of those bees, there’s only 1 queen. The colony’s workers are all female too. They live about 6 weeks and perform all the work of the hive.

While it seems like the females are all the hive has, that’s not true. There are male worker bees called drones. The drones don’t do any work at all though. They don’t even have stingers. They’re strictly there to mate with the queen. It might seem like the male bees have the good life. The hive is run by the females. If food gets scarce, the females force the males out of the hive to perish. That’s also true when winter approaches. All the males are pushed out of the hive to die.

While bees have some positive qualities like their honey production, they can be a nuisance and a danger especially Africanized bees. It takes 1100 bee stings to be deadly to a human who doesn’t have a serious allergy, but bee stings can be painful and some people have a real fear of bees. Africanized bees attack in a swarm, which can become incredibly painful to the victim.

In Arizona, many of the hives not kept by beekeepers have been Africanized. Africanized bees are not always aggressive, but they should be removed before they can cause problems. In other areas of the country, a colony can be relocated. In Arizona, it isn’t recommended that you try to relocate the hive unless it’s easily seen, and the bees are not behaving aggressively.

You should never approach a hive yourself or try to relocate it on your own. A professional should be contacted to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. The technician might recommend saving the hive, but most likely the hive will have to be treated.

Honey bees are essential for honey production as well as pollination of plants and flowers. It’s a shame that most are harmful to humans and have to be removed. Africanized bees make it even more dangerous if you spot a hive on your property. Contact our bee removal professionals to have the hive removed. Don’t try to take care of them yourself.

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