What To Do If You Find a Bee Hive Outside Your Mesa, AZ Home

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What To Do If You Find a Bee Hive Outside Your Mesa, AZ Home

While it’s normal to find bees buzzing around your Phoenix home, they typically aren’t very bothersome. However, if you run into a beehive in your back or front yard, this can mean quite the opposite. With swarms of bees flying around your house, going anywhere outside can become unnerving and even dangerous. To handle this situation in a safe manner, follow the steps below.

1. Don’t Touch the Hive

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with household beehives is trying to handle it on their own. In addition to being dangerous, this can leave bees swarming around your home for longer periods of time. Don’t risk it!

2. Bring Pets Inside

If you have pets that often roam around outside, bring them in until the bees have been dealt with. The last thing you want is to deal with a sting in the middle of having a bee have handled. Kids should also be kept indoors to minimize the chance of them being stung while playing outdoors.

3. Call a Professional

Professionals, such as ours at Atomic Pest Control, have special training when it comes to dealing with beehives. You can rely on us to handle the problem safely and with your home in mind. With a dangerous problem such as this, we’ll even make sure to arrive at your home as quickly as possible.

4. Clean Up

Once the hive has been removed, it’s important to clean up any honey that is left behind. You may also want to have the perimeter of your home sprayed by a professional to deter the development of another hive.

5. Monitor Your Home’s Exterior

To give yourself the best chance of avoiding another beehive, it’s important to keep an eye on your home’s exterior. Occasionally look around outside to see if any new hives are forming, especially if you see bees buzzing around. If you do, then be proactive by calling a pest care professional as soon as possible.

Can I Keep the Hive?

Allowing a beehive to stay outside your home is a huge risk to your safety as well as the safety of your pets. In most situations, it’s recommended to simply have it removed so you can enjoy the outdoors without the risk of being stung. Fortunately, our experts are here to help. We can provide help with bee removal in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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