4 Tips for Safe Bee Removal in Chandler, AZ

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4 Tips for Safe Bee Removal in Chandler, AZ

Now that spring is upon us here in Chandler, Arizona; it’s prime time for bee swarms that are looking to start a new colony. Unfortunately for you, they may have chosen your house, garage, or another less than ideal spot for their new hive activities. Here’s everything you need to know about getting rid of a bee swarms in Phoenix and when you should call for professional help.

Know Your Insects

If you’ve got a colony of swarming insects on your property, you should recognize the threat so you can adequately identify them to professionals and decide on the best removal plan from there.

Honey bees swarm in early March and late April as they depart with their new queen to find a new hive location. They’re beneficial to the environment, so relocation instead of extermination is the best option for honey bee infestations.

Carpenter bees usually don’t build hives, but a large number of them can congregate in areas like the eaves of your house or garage, or in an old outbuilding. Eventually, these nests can destroy the wood the bees build them on for support.

If you see a big paper nest in a tree or your garage, this isn’t a type of bee but rather hornets or yellow jackets. These insects are severely aggressive and professional removal is probably best.

Location, Location, Location

The location of the hive can impact whether or not you’ll need professional removal. For wasps nests that are built under the eaves of a house, you can probably take care of that threat yourself. However, if the insects have invaded the siding and walls of a house, you will need professional help from a bee removal expert like Atomic Pest Control.

Natural Bee Lures

If you’re dealing with a swarm of honey bees, you can try natural bee lures to get the insects to go elsewhere. Ripe mangoes that have been cut and placed far from the hive can tempt the bees to relocate, but it’s likely that you’ll need the help of a professional bee removal service to get rid of swarming bees.

Professional Removal

Depending on the type of insect infestation that you have, the professional response will differ. For aggressive insects like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets the professional exterminator will use sprays or chemicals to kill the insects.

Honeybee swarms can be removed safely by beekeepers who will give the hive a new box to live in with frames for making honey, so these bees can continue to benefit society without being a personal nuisance in your neighborhood.

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