Why Bedbugs are Spreading in Your San Tan Valley Home

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Why Bedbugs are Spreading in Your San Tan Valley Home

Summer is here with us, and we should be prepared for the bloodsuckers that invade our homes when it is warm. As we struggle to get them out of our houses, we should also focus on ensuring that we are avoiding the spread of bedbugs in our apartments. It has been noted with a lot of concern that our actions contribute significantly to the spread of these pests.

These are some of the things we should avoid to avoid bedbug spread;

1. Avoid disturbing them 
Like all pests, bedbugs are known to appreciate their privacy, and in case they are disturbed, they will choose to move to another place where they perceive to be secure. If you’re looking for bed bugs in your houses, such as checking them under the furniture’s and other areas, be prepared for bed bug control because they will move to other parts of your home. Disturbing bed bugs without a plan to deal with them has been catastrophic in some cases where they have spread at a higher rate than one anticipated making them even harder to detect and control.

2. Avoid Moving Infested Furniture 
Many people have been spreading infestations in their homes by unknowingly moving infested furniture from one room to the other. It is essential to understand that you should not move such items to different parts of your home because you will be helping bedbugs to spread. It is recommended that one entirely sees and covers the infested item with plastic bags before relocating it within your home. This precautionary measure helps you to prevent dropping eggs and bed bugs all over your house and allowing every part of your home to be infested.

3. Don’t give them Time to Multiply 
Bed bugs like hiding in secluded places such as in the bedroom where they stay and bleed between the joints of the bed. However, space might become small when they multiply, and they may opt to move to other rooms to hide. You should always be focused on ensuring that you continuously check bed bugs in different parts of the room and kill them before they can multiply to the entire premises.

4. Don’t use the Same Vacuum in Other Rooms 
Vacuums are used to suck and kill bedbugs in our homes. However, people tend to use the same vacuum in different parts of their homes which ends up spreading bed bugs rather than eliminating them. Therefore, we should not use the same vacuum in separate rooms because this has been reported as one of the primary methods that bed bugs are spreading to different rooms and houses.
Implementing and following the instructions above will prevent the spread of bed bugs in your San Tan Valley Home.

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