7 Tips to Help San Tan Valley Residents Keep Bed Bugs Away

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7 Tips to Help San Tan Valley Residents Keep Bed Bugs Away

Bed Bugs San Tan Valley

As the #1 Pest Control company in San Tan Valley we like to share tips from time to time to help our local community and be there if they need us for any pest control need.

You’ve likely heard horror stories or even have friends and family members who have had bed bug infestations in their homes. While professional solutions can eliminate these, at Atomic Pest Control, we stress prevention. By utilizing the tips below, you’ll be able to strengthen the fight against bed bugs making their way into your San Tan Valley Home.

1. Be Weary of Hotels 

Before you stay at any hotel, do a little bit of research to see if they’ve had any recent bed bug infestations. You may also want to call and ask if they have professional bed bug treatment done regularly. Most hotels should openly give you this information, especially since customers want peace of mind with their overnight stay.

2. Separate Luggage 

When staying at a hotel or friend’s house, keep your luggage off of the bed so your clothes don’t come in contact with it. You should also hang up any clothes you can, or keep them in your bag with the top zipped shut.

3. Clean 

Regular vacuuming and mopping can be great deterrents for these creepy crawlers. The more you clean, the less likely they will be attracted to your space.

4. Invest in Mattress Covers 

Place a mattress cover on your box spring and mattress to help prevent an infestation of bed bugs. These are soft and easy to put on, so there’s no downside to investing in them.

5. Inspect Furniture 

Before you buy furniture that’s coming from someone else’s home, do a thorough inspection for signs of bed bugs. Even the slightest hint of a bed bug should cause you to turn the piece away.

6. Cover Cracks 

Cracks in your baseboards, around window trim, next to doors, or on walls should be filled in immediately. Fortunately, caulking should be able to do this fairly quickly. You should also use outlet covers to further help minimize the chance of bed bugs coming into your home.

7. Handle Laundry Properly 

Bed bugs can easily come in contact with your clothes while you’re out and about. To help minimize this, hang your clothes up in dressing rooms and always wash clothes immediately after a vacation. When out of season, vacuum seal clothes you won’t be using for a while.

Fighting Bed Bugs in San Tan Valley

At Atomic Pest Control, we recommend doing everything possible to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home. However, we know that even the most detailed prevention isn’t always 100% effective. If these bugs come into your home, call us as soon as possible. By tackling the infestation quickly, you’ll save time and get your home back to normal sooner.

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