Bedbugs: Not Just Under Your Bed!

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Bedbugs: Not Just Under Your Bed!

Worried about bed bugs? You aren’t alone. Bed bugs are becoming a blight in major metropolitan areas around the country, and the little buggers are good at hitching rides with you wherever you go. So you’ve checked your bed and didn’t find a thing. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Did you know that bed bugs don’t just live in your bed? It’s hard to believe, but they can hide just about everywhere in your house. Read on to know where to look!

They Love the Box-Spring!

The box-spring is the first place they’ll hide during the day. Sometimes, in truly bad infestations, exterminators find hundreds of them sandwiched together when they lift up the mattress. Because bed bugs have flat bodies when they aren’t fat and swollen with your blood, they can easily go unnoticed in those small nooks and crannies under your box-spring.

Don’t Neglect the Walls

Electricity isn’t the only thing coming out of your wall sockets. When daytime comes, any empty socket is the perfect place for a bed bug to scurry and hide. Most of the time, they’ll flee to electrical outlets in your bedroom, ideally as close to their food source as possible. If they have to, either because of overpopulation or mechanical obstruction, they’ll hide anywhere in your house. Now, it’s worth noting that sockets aren’t the only place they can hide. Broken floorboards and chipped walls will do for them in a pinch.

Check Beneath Your Dresser

Your furniture, especially your bedroom furniture, can hide them just as well. Be on the lookout for their droppings, which are often among the first signs of an infestation, around the furniture in question. Be sure to pull out any drawers and check underneath them.

Be Vigilant and Be Prepared

Even though bed bugs can hide just about anywhere, there’s no reason to worry. If the critters make an appearance in your house, pest control professionals are ready and willing to assist. Just make sure you stay vigilant and stay prepared for any signs of their appearance.

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