Autumn in Arizona: 3 Pests to Watch For

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Autumn in Arizona: 3 Pests to Watch For

Most Arizona residents are relieved when the summer heat finally gives way to milder fall temperatures. However, the cool weather is not so inviting to most pests. As the temperatures drop, pests are inclined to spend more time in your house. Here are the main pests to look for during the autumn in Arizona.

1. Spiders. Spiders love the arid weather in Arizona. That is why Arizona is home to countless spider varieties. You can see everything from the common house spider to the wolf spider. You may even run across more terrifying spiders like the brown recluse or possibly a stray tarantula or two. When the nights start getting cooler, these creepy crawlers will often seek warmer escapes. Unfortunately, your house may look perfect to spiders during the fall. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see an influx of spiders during the weather change.

2. Roaches. Arizona has a pretty warm climate, which is why roaches tend to thrive here. Roaches can be quite sensitive to cold. This is why they are more likely to start seeking shelter in the fall and throughout the winter. During this time, they may find a home in your crawl space or bathroom. You may even find them in kitchens or storage areas. Always keep your food sealed in order to minimize your risk, and take action the first time you see a roach. If you see one, it is likely that there are others.

3. Scorpions. Most scorpions are not all that harmful to humans, but that does not mean that you want them in your home. While scorpions enjoy the summer heat, the more mild weather in the fall often sends them indoors. This is when you are most likely to start seeing them in your home. The most common types to encounter are the giant hairy scorpion and the striped tail scorpion. The bark scorpion is the only deadly species found in this state.

Pests may be an inevitable part of fall, but they do not have to be inevitable in your home. Call for pest control services in Phoenix today.

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