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Atomic Pest Control is best know for their customer service. Taking care of all our customers are our first priority. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company, residential or commercial, look no further.

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Atomic Pest Control
Average rating:  
 212 reviews
by Sherri on Atomic Pest Control
Excellent Service

Atomic Pest Control is an amazing company. Their results have been the best! Despite living in the desert, I've not seen a single "critter" inside my home. My tech always has a great attitude. Thank you!

by Mick on Atomic Pest Control
Great Service!

I live in a 110 year-old, wood framed house in a historic district of Mesa, and seeing evidence of termites is disconcerting to say the least. I want to thank the person responsible for quickly setting up the inspection appointment, Kevin for performing the initial inspection and providing me with options, and Rex for the very thorough termite treatment he performed. Kevin answered all my questions and Rex was efficient and meticulous. All representatives of APC were friendly and great representatives.

by Mary Thompson on Atomic Pest Control
Very Happy!

We are extremely pleased with the service from Atomic Pest. We are having no pest issues since they have been servicing our property and Jameson is very pleasant and professional.

by Christine on Atomic Pest Control
Atomic Pest Control

Atomic Pest Control is a top notched Business!! All the employees who have come to my house are courteous and professional. I have had the Weed Control with Jameson, to the Termite and Bee issue with Rex and Monthly Service with Alloie. All are punctual and an absolute joy to deal with. I recommend Atomic Pest Control to my friends and Family. AA++

by Valerie Ciszek on Atomic Pest Control

Jonathan M. is very personable and great at his job. I always look forward to seeing him. He is the best tech. I have ever had. Thanks Jonathan

by Tony on Atomic Pest Control
Thanks a bunch

Thanks a bunch Jonathan M the service was impeccable and had a great attitude

by Olin on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan's a great guy!

Jonathan M. has been our BEST "bug guy" for many years . He does a great job and we always enjoy seeing him each month.

by Denise Hardcastle on Atomic Pest Control
Awesome service!

We appreciate the care everyone at Atomic Pest Control takes to make sure our home is protected from pests! Thank you to everyone from the office staff to the technician who treats our home. Awesome service!

by Robert Pruett on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Scorpions are a particularly distasteful desert scourge. I've attended a fateful trip or two to the hospital due to their presence in my home. I tried nearly every home remedy I could find with no relief until I worked with Jonathan at Atomic Pest Control. He destroyed the invaders like a spirit of vengeance. I call him The Punisher and I would recommend him to anyone!

by Sandra G. Smith on Atomic Pest Control
Great deal

Thank you Jonathan, what I paid to what I got is mind blowing.

by Joseph D. Everly on Atomic Pest Control
Thank you

I don't know where we'd be now without Jonathan, thank you thank you thank you

by James S. Smith on Atomic Pest Control
Fantastic service

Personal thanks to Jonathan Metzger, I hate spiders.

by Eva M. Thomson on Atomic Pest Control
Great company

I can't recommend Jonathan enough

by Jacquelyn on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan metzger

Jonathan was very personable and easy to relate to. He made me feel at ease, I will definatelt recommend this company to friends and family.

by Sahmantha R on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Jonathan Metzger completes a superior job on pest control needs. He arrives timely, provides a detail assessment of what needs to be completed. He has great customer service skills and is very professional meanwhile ensuring that the customer never feels left in the dark or like you have been talked down to. He is very honest and dependable. if you ever are in need of quality and skill be sure to request Jonathan Metzger.

by Ryan on Atomic Pest Control
Customer Service

I met with a fella by the name of Jonathan Metzger? Spelling? Very informative individual. He helped explain why i was having the ongoing issues ive been having AND gave me a great estimate. If the rest of the service team is as cordial and smart as Mr. Metzger im sure ill be more than satisfied with the service after ive exhausted my other options.

by Paul on Atomic Pest Control
You can't go wrong

Seeing the results Jonathan produced, I'm convinced you can't go wrong.

by Nick on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Professional service

by Phil on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger

Give this man a beer, he earned it.

by Woody on Atomic Pest Control
Highly recommended

Interacting with Mr. Metzger has been amazing. My previous exterminators were about as useful as a stuffed bear.

by Dave on Atomic Pest Control

Jonathan's been serving my brother and he is top tier. And ladies, he's single!

by E.Glass on Atomic Pest Control
A+ residential service

Service has been stellar, and Jonathan Metzger left a positive impression on me.

by Oak F on Atomic Pest Control
Not the best, but good for the price

The only reason I'm giving 5 stars is Jonathan. Otherwise I'd give it about a 3.

by Todd on Atomic Pest Control
The best

Great company, great service, and if you want the best, ask for Jonathan Metzger by name.

by Zander Buel on Atomic Pest Control
Jonathan Metzger is Always Reliable With Beekeeping

Jonathan Metzger has always done a great job of keeping my property clear of pests. He's an asset to anyone who hires him. His customer service is invaluable.

by Rumiko Takahashi on Atomic Pest Control
For great control

I am native Japanese who traveled to live in Arizona for 3 months time. On the first day I had problem with rats and friends recommended Atomic Pest Control. Mr. Jonhathan Metzger shows up and very professional I had no more problems the rest of the time. Made my time so much better and I am looking forward to returning next year again.


怖かったけどAtomic Pest ControlのMetzgerさんが一発治ったから何時までもお勧めします。

ほんとに感謝しました ( ´ー`)フゥー...

by Michael Honey on Atomic Pest Control

I don't normally write reviews but Jonathan Metzger went above and beyond what I would expect from a pest control person, not only was he thorough but he explained every step of the process.

by Jake on Atomic Pest Control
Living up to the name

Nothing short of an atomic blast could have removed the pest situation my household had been dealing with for over a year. A personal thanks to Jonathan Metzger, you did your job well.

by Steven on Atomic Pest Control
Fast service

Super happy with Atomic Pest. Your worker Jonathan fixed our rodent problem like he was getting rid of the black death. If you want great service, call Atomic! We will again

by K Brannon on Atomic Pest Control
Jon M

Jonathan has taken care of our familys pest control needs for years. Always friendly, polite and punctual. We've followed him from Zap to Atomic and still 100% satisfied

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  1. Payson’s Atomic Pest Control representative(Matt Abney) has been
    taking care of our pest control for years. He has always been prompt, cordial, has had answers to all pest questions/solutions. He has always been proactive with immediate solutions for our current pest concerns. He is friendly, kind, soft spoken, humble and polite. I have recommended Atomic Pest Control to new comers in our neighborhood.

  2. Payson’s Atomic Pest Control representative, Matt Abney, is always kind, courteous, pleasant, knowledgeable and always prompt. He is always ready to immediately respond to our pest concerns.
    All servicemen could learn a lesson or 2 from you. Fantastic, dependable service over the last several years!

  3. Clay Goldman

    Just want to say that our technician (Matt Abney) is very professional and always pleasant when doing his job. Is always ready to answer questions and help with any bug problems we have. Thanks Matt.

  4. Bill Wait

    Brian always does a great job and has consistently done a great job for years. He always gets right back with us if we have a question, is always on time and we know we can rely on his work one hundred percent. We wouldn’t use anyone else.

  5. Tom & Polly Masch

    We have been with Atomic Pest Contro for 6+ years. That is evidence that we are more than satisfied with the service that Brian and Diane provide for us. Diane will always work around our schdule in a very professional and friendly manner. We look forward to seeing Brian on bug/weed day. Not only doesBrian take care of routine straying but also zooms in on any problem bugs/ants at hand when we call. He is so friendly that Brian seems like one of the family. A+ for this team. Thanks again

  6. Robert & Tracy Turner

    Our review is for Matt Abney. We have been customers of Atomic for years now. Matt has become like a member of the family. He is always professional and very prompt in returning calls. He is willing to answer questions and offer advice when asked. He is very courteous and friendly. Thank you Matt, we appreciate you!

  7. Tina Huber

    Randy Law is the BEST and most conscientious tech with Atomic Pet Control! He is very responsive to the needs of our community, always takes time to listen and answer our questions. If there is a last-minute request for pest control, Randy is always willing to accommodate. He is very informative and makes every effort to educate his client. He deserves to rewarded for all of his efforts!

  8. Lee Ann

    Kevin Holck is great to work with! He is courteous, professional, prompt and always completes the job correctly the first time. I couldn’t ask for better service!

  9. Your Service Agent, Ben B, has been really great in keeping out all critters in my home. Ben is always courteous and thoughtful even to the point of removing his shoes before entering my home so my carpeting stays clean. The office staff is always friendly, Trista is always helpful and pleasant to work with.

  10. Paula and Jeff Stump

    We have been a customer of Atomic for many years. Matt Abney is very conscientious of our needs. If I have a certain problem he takes care of it. And he does it with a smile on his face. He is absolutely wonderful to us and our dog. Not many people can go in our home without us there and he can. I have made several recommendations to friends and referred Atomic Pest Control to several and always will.

  11. Oct 21 2014
    Rex Phelps did a great job spraying our yard for ants. Next day not one ant could be found. The Technician was personable and represented your firm in a positive manner. Plus he was careful with his spraying tools around my landscaping and patio furniture. I would like to have him back in six months. I have you on my calendar for six months out. All around your firm did a great job also Trysta was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

    Fran and Norma Lola at Sun City West

  12. Kim Riley

    Matt Abney is the best bug man ever. Our business is in a very old building and he is great about making sure every crack and crevice is covered. He always asks if there are any issues and goes the extra mile to take care of them. He is a total professional – very friendly, courteous, and knows his business.

  13. Jeri Johnson

    A big thank you to Matt Abney for taking such good care of our home. He does a great job making sure no bugs get in the house which I am very happy about, I hate bugs! He is always very professional and listens when I tell him something that has unexpectedly showed up, and he takes care of it. Nice job! Thanks to Matt and Atomic Pest Control for keeping our home bug free!!

  14. Martha Wahlberg

    I really appreciate Atomic Pest Control in Payson who give excellent service. They arrive every other month and keep all the bugs away from my house and my greenhouse. They always ask if I am having any kind of pest problem and are willing to come back in between scheduled visits if I need them. Brian (& Matt) do an excellent job of spraying all the right places and remind me to keep my dog away for 20 minutes or so. They also spray inside and have gotten rid of not only bugs, flies, spiders, etc. but also mice and pack rats. I have never seen a scorpion since I started this service. Diane,in the office, is very helpful and so very friendly. 5 STARS. Thanks Atomic!

  15. Tom Rye

    Mat has been doing a first rate job of keeping Young Public School pest free. He is very profetional and always on time.

  16. Tom Rye

    Mat has been treating our retal cabin ” Gandpaps cabin” for over 4 years and always does a great job with a smile. Thanks Mat Tom Rye

  17. Karen Smith

    Matt Abney is Awesome. He has been servicing us for sometime now. He has a great personality and is always smiling. Very professional and always making sure that the services are OK. Always puts forth the extra effort. Just Awesome….

  18. Tom and Mary

    We have been with Atomic Pest Control for several years and Matt Abney has been our tech. He is very professional, courteous, trustworthy and informative!!! He is very conscientious and is always willing to go the extra mile if needed. We live in Young, and should we need something extra done when he gets here, he gets it done!!!! We would definitely give Matt the HIGHEST RATING!!

  19. Matt Abner has done a a fabulous job of reliably servicing all of my clients’ and customers’ needs in Young / Pleasant Valley, Arizona! As a Realtor it’s very important to me that I can recommend vendors who will show up when they are scheduled and do the work that they are hired to do, without complaints and going back after-the-fact to charge a higher price than what was quoted. I have always been able to count on Matt for timely and courteous service.

  20. Vicki Bendau

    It is always a pleasure to see Matt Abney. His close attention to his work makes it clear that he cares very much about results and client satisfaction. I enjoy his smile and friendly manner and am impressed that he comes to Young every month to help us out! Thanks, Matt, hope to see you around Antlers again soon.

  21. J. Zilisch

    Matt Abney is good at what he does for us. If we have a particular
    problem and let him know: he takes care of it. I would recomment
    him to anyone. Atomic Pest is the best in our book. Jz

  22. kathy farrell

    matt is ALWAYS on time. sometimes he calls just to see if it’s okay to come a little earlier. he is always polite and professional and a joy to work with. kudos to matt.

  23. LaForge Towing

    Matt Abney is the best and the most pleasant person our company has had the pleasure to work with he always ask if we have any problem areas. He takes his job very serious and were always glad to see him Earl LaForge.

  24. Kathy LaForge

    Matt Abney has taken care of our Pest control at are home for the last few years we added a outdoor kitchen and he goes ubove and beyond to handle the bugs plus we have 2 small grandkids that are everywhere so im always adding more places we just love him. Kathy LaForge

  25. Sharon Matchko

    Just wanted to say that Matt has done a wonderful job for us for years. He is a polite, personable young man. He should receive recognition for his work even though he is such a humble young man.

  26. Roy Matchko

    Matt has been our Atomic Pest Control service agent for many years. He has always been on time, always courteous, always informative on matters related to pest control, easy to talk with, and very polite. His work ethics are outstanding. His routine is systematic and efficient. He always investigates matters of our concern related to pest control. He has to be one of your most outstanding service agents.

  27. Jacque Lauderbaugh

    We got Matt Abney to do bug control when we first moved to Arizona about 7 years ago. He is such a great guy.. We laugh and talk about the bugs . I dont know what we would do with out his cheerfulness and kindness. He is full in suggestions and answers to our bug problems…

  28. Linda Huffman

    When we had an ant emergency Matt was quick to respond and solved the problem.
    Thanks Matt:)

  29. Greg Mather

    Matt has been reliable for more years than I can remember. He clearly knows pest control and is willing to provide that “extra mile” of service when needed. He is also one of the nicest people I’ve met. Always a positive attitude.

  30. Michelle Mather

    I’ve experienced several pest control folks at our main home in Chandler. No one has ever held a candle to Matt. Always so pleasant and willing to address any issue. Too bad he doesn’t work here in the valley too.

  31. Debra Giarraputo

    Atomic helped my Father for years, and for the last 5 years Atomic has continued with their great customer service for me. Matt is always prompt and friendly. He even remembers the dogs names, and greets them with treats. Thank you Matt for years of “service with a smile”.

  32. Bob Giarraputo

    Just a quick note to acknowledge Matt for years of friendly service for our family. We look forward to many more years of working with him.

  33. V. Walters

    Just want to say thanks so much for the great service we have received over the year we have had with Atomic. Matt has always been there to answere any questions or requests.

    We are looking forward to another year of quality service.

    Thank you

    V. Walters

  34. We have been using Atomic foe several years and have always found Matt to be reliable and personable. He is completely trustworthy and always goes the ‘extra mile’.

  35. Steve Wilson

    We have been using Atomic for several years now and have always found Matt to be knowledgeable, personable and completely trustworthy. He always does a thorough job whether or not we are in residence.

  36. Sandy Lumsden

    Atomic Pest is the best to deal with! We have used them for at least 7 years both for pests and weeds. Matt is our technician. He does such a great job. If we have a question or problem he is right on it. He is always friendly and polite. I always recommend Atomic Pest to anyone who asks who to call.

  37. Penny DeGroot

    Matt Abney from Payson is a great Technician. He is very personable, reliable and I would highly recommend him. He is honest and dependable. Thanks Matt!

  38. Mark DeGroot

    I vote for Matt Abney. He has helped us with more than one property and is very professional and we think very reliable. He is alwasy ready to accomodate us with any changes.

  39. We love having Matt Abney take care of our church. He is so professional. Whenever we have any issues, Matt is always ready to help and advise.

  40. Ken Elmore

    Matt Abney helped me with more than one problem at my uncles house here in Payson. Thanks to Matt, more than one country critter has left my home. Thank you Matt

  41. Cheryl Foltynewicz

    We need more Matt Abneys’ in this town. It’s so nice to receive quality service with PERFECT results. Thank you Mr Abney.

  42. diane bricker

    Matt Abney has been providing pest control for my house for several years now. He does a great job, is attentive to my concerns and is unfailing upbeat.

  43. Albert Lauderbaugh

    I enjoy having Matt come when we have problems. He always calls several times to make sure everything is fine. and in the area he stops in to check up on things.
    I would not have any other pest control service and we have told friends and neighbors how he calls back to make sure everything is OK.

  44. Robert Walters

    Just want to say how much we appreciate having Matt Abney as our technician. Always punctual, goes out of his way to say “Hi” and make sure we’re satisfied with the service, always willing to do that little extra!

  45. Evelyn Castas

    Matt Abney has been treating my property for many years. He has been reliable, friendly and helpful. He is conscientious and accommodating. I have had no problems with insects since Matt has been on the job. I wish him the best. God Bless.

  46. Larry Farrington

    Ihave known Matt for many years. I can always count on him for hthorough, effective pest control measures. He is my top choice and a 10 in all respects (10 being highest on scale of 1 to 10). Go Matt!

  47. Wes & Doral R

    Good prompt service. Matt is a real credit to the company.

  48. Cheryl Dplby

    We have used Atomic Pest Control for 5 or 6 years now and could not be happier. Matt does a wonderful job and is always here when he is scheduled to be. Whenever we have an issue Matt comes out and takes care of it, he has resolved issues with snakes, bats, mice and scorpians. He’s great with our dogs and we appreciate that we can trust him and the fantastic job he does!

  49. Burt

    Long-term customer. Matt has been servicing this account from day one and he is “Super”. Always on time and just as important, he approaches his job in a very professional manner.
    Matt is an outstanding representative for Atomic Pest Control!

  50. I’d like to thank Matt for doing a terrific job. He has always been very pleasant and polite. When we have a specific request he always is quick to respond. Thanks again Matt

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