What Pests Come Out Year Round in the Arizona Climate and Weather?

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What Pests Come Out Year Round in the Arizona Climate and Weather?

The Arizona desert climate is warm throughout the year with very high temperatures in the summer. This hot weather is known to send vermin inside of people’s homes. During the winter, you may have the same problem with their increased presence. There are steps that you can take to reduce the effects of a weather-related infestation.

Summer Invasions

The summers are warm and manageable in most cities. However, in desert climates, the summer temperatures get very hot and become unbearable for animals outside. Some animals leave when the weather gets too hot, but others prefer to invade homes and buildings. In some homes, there are dozens of roaches moving in and appearing everywhere from kitchens to bedrooms.

Ignoring the roaches or rodents is never a good option. Vermin do not just appear in homes – they do a lot of damage behind the scenes. They crawl around in filth and then all over the houses, appearing on counters, walls and furniture. They also leave droppings and spread diseases that way. Some pests, like rats and termites, chew on wires and may even cause fires.

Winter Infestations

Rodents and roaches are the most spotted vermin found in many homes. Arizona has mild winters with rarely any snow, but the temperatures still get to freezing levels. When the temperatures dip too low, the vermin prefer to go indoors where it’s warmer.

For winter infestations, use the same solutions that you used to get rid of pests a few months earlier. Plan ahead of time and prepare the house for an invasion. Know that more pests come indoors when it gets uncomfortable outdoors.

Prevention Tips

Regardless of the season, pests are not welcome in most homes. You want to get rid of the ones you see and prevent them from coming back. Your first choice is to use do-it-yourself solutions like poisonous sprays and store-bought products. However, when you kill a few roaches, more come back and you never get rid of the problem. You need to get to the root of the problem by using professional pest control services.

When the temperatures change, your home becomes another home for vermin. Also, the weather is unpredictable sometimes, so the summers in Phoenix may be hotter than usual. In some cases, you cannot handle the problem without hiring an experienced professional. Pest control experts are available to handle any situation that involves pests and your home.

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