6 Pest Control Tips and Suggestions if you live in Arizona

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6 Pest Control Tips and Suggestions if you live in Arizona

Almost all homeowners eventually need some type of pest control services to keep their homes free from mice, termites, bed bugs and other unwanted guests. Below are some of the most common pest problems in Arizona: Whether you live in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, or Gilbert AZ these apply to you!


All bees in the Phoenix area and in most of Arizona are regarded as Africanized and if provoked, they are very dangerous. Certain bee killing formulas are available, but they should only be used for mild problems. Serious infestations require the help of a professional who has the skills and training to properly eliminate the entire colony.


Termites are a very common pest and can do significant damage to a home. They burrow deep into wood surfaces and in many cases, the termite colony may be alive and well within the wall even though there are not yet any visible signs of damage.


Although they appear harmless at first, pigeons are associated with certain health hazards and may also damage homes and properties due to their nesting habits. Additionally, everywhere they roost will eventually become covered with bird feces. This includes outdoor fixtures and furniture, patios, fences, and roofs. It is virtually impossible for homeowners to resolve this problem without the help of a professional exterminator. If one lives in a rural area, shooting pigeons may be an option, but this is obviously an impractical alternative for those who live in cities.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common in Arizona, and are exceptionally difficult to eradicate. They are tiny, flat bugs that feature a brownish red color. If a mild infestation is underway, homeowners can use boric acid to kill the bedbugs, and then thoroughly clean the bed and box spring, using bleach on the latter if possible.


Almost everyone would agree that rodents are one of the worst infestations a homeowner could face. Imagining such creatures sneaking around the kitchen or food pantry is a disturbing thought. There are many remedies that could be used to kill rodents, such as traps or poisons. However, those who own pets should call a professional exterminator, as certain poisons are just as deadly to dogs and cats as they are to mice.


Arizona is home to many scorpions species. Bark and Giant Desert Hairy scorpions are the most common. Bark scorpions are the only climbing scorpions found in Maricopa County. They enter buildings through the tiniest of cracks, and are exceptionally good at hiding until ready to strike.

The largest scorpion found in North America is the Giant Desert Hairy species, which may grow as long as six inches. They are light brown and have pinchers and a poisonous gland that looks somewhat like a bulb. All scorpions are most active at night.

Considering the amount of discomfort and damage rats and insects can cause, it is in the best interest of all homeowners to contact a professional exterminator to evaluate the home and execute proper Phoenix pest control measures. Call us today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION at 480-832-8888

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