5 Subtle Signs of Bed Bugs

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5 Subtle Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are common throughout the United States, including Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding area. This ultra-tiny pest is difficult to identify since they usually hide during the day. The best way to keep your home bed bug-free is to watch for earliest signs of an infestation.

Itchy Bites

Bed bugs come out of hiding to feed while you sleep, leaving itchy, red bites that may appear in clusters ok excited skin. The bites sometimes arrest in a zigzaging pattern and may be swollen. Although bed bugs primarily free on humans at night, these pests can feed on pets and may come out during the day.

Spotty Bedding

Examine your sheets, blankets, pillows and mattress for tiny, reddish-brown spots. These stains are a combination of blood and waste that is left behind after the bed bugs feed at night. The spots may spread or bleed, giving them the appearance of very tiny ink stains from a marker.

Stained Walls

Stains may also be present on walls and other areas where the bugs hide, such as inside drawers and on cardboard. The spots on walls are typically caused by waste and appear dark in color. After cleaning the area, the stains reappear after just a short time.

Musty Odors

You may notice a distinctly unpleasant scent near areas where bed bugs hide. The odor may smell like sweat and is stronger if the infestation is severe. Although bed bugs usually live in bedrooms, the best, and the odor, can be by found in other rooms.

Shed Shells and Eggs

Discarded shells are often found in hidden areas, including inside mattress seams, behind wall outlets and inside cardboard boxes. Tiny clusters of white eggs may also be present. If you see discarded shells or eggs, it is definitely time to call for professional assistance.

Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate without professional bed bug removal services. The insects can withstand very cold temperatures and only need to feed about once a week to survive. Professional heat treatments are the fastest, most effective way to eliminate bed bugs.

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