5 Expert Tips to Preventing and Managing a Pest Problem

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5 Expert Tips to Preventing and Managing a Pest Problem

Whether you have some unwelcome guests inside your home or on the outside, finding a professional pest control company that is also local to your Phoenix home or business is imperative for getting them taken care of quickly and efficiently. Use these five tips to ensure you never have a problem.

1. Choose a Local Pest Control Company vs. National

There are a ton of things that we can do remotely these days, but pest control is not one of them. You need to choose a company that is both legally allowed to operate in your community, as well as one that can show up promptly to take care of any problem that you might have.

2. Regulate the Air in Your Home

If you find that you get a lot of flying insects trespassing in your private area, take this time to turn on the heat or air conditioning. A little air circulation and a change of temperature are usually all you need to encourage these pests to leave.

3. Keep Living Areas Clean

Many of the most irritating and widespread infestations are caused by the common fly. These insects breed on filth, so it is of the utmost importance to clean up any animal droppings and make sure the trash is tightly packed up. This can greatly reduce the viable places for flies to breed.

4. Have a Professional Check for Termites

Having a termite infestation in the infrastructure of your home can not only cost a lot in the long run, but they can make your home structurally unsound. It is best to get a professional to come diagnose this. If they are local, consider using the pest control company to provide relief for you from termites.

5. Spray Cedar Oil Everywhere

If you already have a pest problem, you will need to hire a professional company to get rid of it. However, you can prevent those infestations from ever taking place. Cedar oil is both safe for pets and children, it is completely natural and it does not harm the environment. The scent repels insects. It is especially efficient when sprayed in the garden, both on plants and on furniture.

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