4 Types of Pests You Have to Worry About in Arizona

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4 Types of Pests You Have to Worry About in Arizona

Do you reside in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, or any surrounding regions of Arizona? Have you been looking for a solution aimed at controlling pests in your home or neighborhood to no avail? Well, look no further than Atomic Pest Control Company. The pest control company has its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, and it has experience in exterminating both visible and invisible pests. Our team of pest control service professionals knows the location and breeding grounds of every pest, and they know the right treatment for each pest.

How to control rodents

During the winter, you will notice an increase in the number of rats that nest in your rooftop. Atomic Pest Control Company has a solution to roof rat infestation problems. You can call their team of professionals to inspect the house for any roof rat entry points, such as holes and gaps. They will advise you to seal any holes in the house, and put certain baits and traps around the house. Their range of rodent control products includes the silicon-based sealant, which helps seal all the visible gaps. They also help control other rodents such as pack rats, snakes, squirrels, snakes, and squirrels.

Termite control

In case you are tired of unsuccessfully getting rid of termites, you can consult Atomic Pest Control Company. They use a repellent known as Liquid Termidor, which comes in the form of dry and lightweight foam. The foam is beneficial because you can apply it to holes that you drill and seal these holes after that. The foam does not cause discoloration like the liquid Termidor.

Bird & Pigeon control

Atomic Pest Control knows that birds add beauty to the environment but can be a menace when they flock around our homes. Therefore, they use various methods to remove birds from your surroundings, such as destruction of nesting areas and removal of perching branches; they also sanitize the structure with an antibacterial solution that wades off the birds.

Bee removal

You should immediately contact Atomic Pest Control Company when you spot or suspect the presence of a beehive. Bees are dangerous, and their sting can kill. Call the pest control company which has the experience of exterminating the Africanized Killer bees. They specialize in honeycomb extractions, beehive removal, pheromone-enhanced bee trapping, and emergency rapid response services.

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