4 Facts You Never Knew About Bed Bugs

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4 Facts You Never Knew About Bed Bugs

To beat the beast, you have to really know the beast. If you have followed the news within the last few years, bed bugs came back in almost full force, so it might be helpful to learn all you can about this annoying little pest. First, they feed off the blood of humans as they sleep, and they cause these red and itchy bumps. As a pest control company, we rate this as one of the harder pests to get rid of because they can live almost anywhere and come from numerous sources.

Fact #1: Bed Bugs Roam Outside the City

A lot of people believe bed bugs only dwell in the big city or a developing country, but in fact, you can find them across the states. In fact, according to an NPMA survey, 17 percent of the surveyed said they had bed bugs in the Northeast. Meanwhile, 20 percent reported bed bugs in the Midwest, 20 percent reported bed bugs in the South and those in the West 19 percent reported a problem. What does that suggest? You can go almost anywhere and find these little creatures, and while they do exist more in the city because of a higher population, even rural areas have them.

Fact #2: Are Bed Bugs Smart?

One of the things that gives our pest control company so many problems is how bed bugs know to remain hidden during the daylight hours. They hide in the box springs and mattress crevices during this time. They may also lurk behind an electrical switchplate, inside a picture frame or a baseboard. At night, they come out as we exhale carbon dioxide into the air.

Fact #3: Bed Bugs Feed Methodically

One of the telltale signs you could have a bed bug infestation is when they feed in a cluster or in a row on the exposed skin of legs, chest or arms. The feeding patterns of bed bugs have become predictable because they feed off a host for between five to 10 minutes until after repletion.

Fact #4: Do They Seem Inactive? That’s Not a Good Thing

Sometimes you may notice a sharp drop in activity for between five to 10 days. That, however, does not mean they have gone away. In fact, at this time, they don’t feed and instead, they digest what they have eaten, breed and lay the eggs for more bed bugs.

If you suffer from a bed bug infestation, you should never treat the problem by yourself. In fact, contacting a licensed and professional pest control company in the Phoenix, Arizona, area is one of your best bets to becoming pest free. They will look over your home and advise you on actionable steps to treat and eliminate bed bugs.

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