4 Common Summer Pests In Phoenix, Arizona

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4 Common Summer Pests In Phoenix, Arizona

From its desert landscape to its rich history, Arizona boasts many great features. However, it’s also home to a wealth of pests. During the summer, specifically, these pests like to come out and play. Whether you reside in Tempe or Chandler, here are some pests that you should look out for this summer.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs love warm environments, which is why it’s no surprise that they thrive in the summertime. While these unwanted guests don’t carry any diseases, they can still be bothersome. These insects run rampant in Arizona, so if you call the Copper State home, prepare to see an uptick in bed bug infestations this summer.

During the summer months, ants keep busy by making their way into homes and businesses to gather food. From carpenter ants to harvester ants, these creepy crawlers come in all shapes and sizes. No matter the ant species you’ve encountered, it’s essential to eradicate the problem when it becomes apparent.

There are 20 known cockroach species roaming Arizona’s vast landscape. You’re likely to come across a few as the warmer months roll around. Since they’re so big, the sight of cockroaches can be unsettling. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for these pests to invade homes and buildings in the summer, which is why pest control services are in higher demand during this season.

Both dangerous and irritating, ticks are among the worst of pests. If you have a dog, ticks are likely to latch onto them. They enjoy burrowing themselves into their fur, which makes it all the more difficult to extract them. As your dog roams the house, the ticks attached will be along for the ride.

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