3 Tips to Prevent Ants in Your Home

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3 Tips to Prevent Ants in Your Home

If you live in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, San Tan Valley or other areas in Arizona, then you may have ant problems every once in a while. If you tend to get ant infestations, then we have three tips to assist you. This way, you can do your best to prevent ants from infesting your house and ruining your food.

Keep Your Trash Outside

Keep in mind that if you put certain foods in your trash can, then ants will make their way into it. With this in mind, you can either keep your trash outside of your home or you can tie off your trash bags at the end of the day. This way, you can prevent those ants from picking up on the scent and getting into your home.

Don’t Leave Sweets Around

Ants love sweet foods, so you can’t leave them around your house or unsealed. This includes cookies, soda and anything else with sugar in it. If you don’t eat your sweets within a reasonable amount of time, then ants could end up swarming them and ruining your food. You should also put your leftovers into zip lock bags to prevent ants from getting into them.

Set Up Ant Traps

If you tend to get ants in your home, then you can always set up ant traps at the spots they use to enter your home. These ant traps are designed to trick the ants into carrying poison back to the anthill. From here, they will feed the queen and she will die from the poison, so ant traps could help you with getting rid of ants in your area.


Keep in mind that ants are common in Gilbert, Phoenix and other cities in Arizona. This means that if you have ant problems, then you can always use these tips to stop them from coming into your home. Remember that you can also call pest control to help you out if you have a serious infestation or other ant-related problems.

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