3 Signs You Definitely Have a Mouse Problem You Can’t See

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3 Signs You Definitely Have a Mouse Problem You Can’t See

All things considered, rodents and rats are actually pretty clever. It’s not like the cat and mouse cartoons you used to watch as a kid. Instead, mice are very good at getting what they need and avoid being seen completely. It is not impossible to have a major mouse infestation in your Phoenix, AZ home and not even know it. Here are three signs you definitely have a mouse problem you can’t see and what you can do about it.

Your Family Pets Have a Major Flea Problem

Does it seem like no matter what you do Fluffy or Fido have a lot of fleas that won’t go away? Have you had your home professionally sprayed against fleas, but they just seem to keep coming back? A lot of homeowners assume that the problem lies with their furry pets and that fleas are par for owning animal friends. Unfortunately they don’t realize that the excess fleas they can’t seem to get rid of are the result of a mouse or other rodent invasion in the home.

When dozens of mice or rats take up residence in your attic or walls, they bring with them their fleas. The fleas are brushed off or jump off and look for another host low to the floors. Those hosts are cats and dogs. The more mice you have, the bigger the problem your flea problem is and the harder it is to get rid of the fleas. When you have an exterminator track down the hordes of mice quietly living out of sight in your home and remove them, you will see a dramatic drop in the fleas your pets are carrying.

Your Pets Act Crazy at Dusk, Late at Night and Early in the Morning

Does your dog run around the house barking at walls? Does your cat zip around meowing loudly at the walls or staring at the ceiling with tail twitching and ears forward? Your pets can hear critters in the walls and ceiling that you can’t. If your pets are acting crazy like this, there’s a good chance they are actually tracking pests in your walls and attic spaces.

Food Packages Fall Apart When You Pick Them Up

Rodents are notorious for nibbling a hole just big enough to get to the food. They will do this to cardboard and plastic bag packages. If you have picked up more than one package of food out of your cabinet and had it fall apart or drop food on the floor, you might have mice about at night.

Only an Exterminator Can Help

An extensive problem with mice can’t be treated with mere traps. An exterminator has to use extreme measures to kill and remove the mice safely. Then the exterminator has to return every couple of weeks to a month until there are no signs of an invasion anymore.

If you have a roof rat, mouse, or rodent problem in the Phoenix, AZ metro area call our Phoenix Pest Control Experts today for help!

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