3 Pests to Be Mindful of This Spring

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3 Pests to Be Mindful of This Spring

We may not experience the drastic weather changes other parts of the country see, but Arizona still has a spring season that awakens so many pests that tend to lay low during the winter months. That means property owners throughout the greater Phoenix region need to be extra diligent in the coming months. We recommend keeping a watchful eye out for three specific pests.

1. Termites

Termites are considered some of the most successful insects on the planet in terms of colonization and survival. There are three types of termites we deal with in the Phoenix area: subterranean, dry wood and damp wood termites. Each has its own unique characteristics.

Termite colonies can be as small as a few hundred insects or as large as millions. Moreover, queens can live for decades. Spring is the time when termites usually begin to swarm as they search for new nesting grounds. They can be incredibly destructive to all sorts of wood structures as they move about and feed.

2. Scorpions

Though there are multiple scorpion species in Arizona, the two we deal with most frequently are bark and giant desert hairy scorpions. The former is most concerning throughout Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, etc. because it is potentially deadly.

Bark scorpions that overwinter in homes will start to move around as the weather warms. Also note that bark scorpions are capable of climbing. If you notice them roaming around your Arizona property, please don’t try to handle them yourself. Call Atomic Pest Control instead.

3. Spiders

Last but not least are spiders. There are too many species of spiders in Arizona to list them all here, but be particularly mindful of Arizona brown spiders and black widows. Both are capable of causing serious injury in the event of a bite. Like termites and scorpions, spring is the time of year when previously dormant spiders start to emerge.

As always, Atomic Pest Control is here to handle all of your pest removal needs throughout the greater Phoenix area. Call us anytime to schedule a visit from one of our experienced and fully trained technicians.

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