3 Important Tips for Getting Baby Scorpions OUT

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Scorpions in Phoenix

3 Important Tips for Getting Baby Scorpions OUT

Living in the Gilbert area, it’s common to find scorpions inside of your home or even around the outside area. Fortunately, you can keep them at bay by sealing up entrances to your home and keeping your door shut at all times. You can also minimize the risk of them coming in by cleaning up debris (especially firewood) around your home’s exterior throughout the month. However, even with caution and attention to detail, a scorpion may find a way inside.

If this has happened and you’ve found baby scorpions in your Gilbert, AZ home, then it’s crucial to use the tips below. This will ensure you handle the situation properly and don’t end up with hundreds of scorpions causing stress in your home.

1. Know There are More

Baby scorpions can be tiny, which makes them incredibly difficult to find. If you have seen a couple, then know that there are many more around. It’s best not to find these on your own, as this can be incredibly dangerous and you likely won’t be able to get them all.

2. Call a Professional

While you can use a black light to see scorpions better in the dark, it’s not the best tool for finding all of them. In order to eradicate them quickly and effectively, it’s best to call in professionals like ours. We use the best methods of finding and removing scorpions so you can live safely in your home again. With baby scorpions, it’s always best to have the help of an expert.

3. Prevention

Once the scorpions have been removed, our team will spray around your home to help keep them from coming back. When combined with cleaning the outside of your home and keeping your door shut, this tends to be incredibly effective. If you have any problems, you can always call our team to come by and do an inspection.

Keeping Scorpions Out

Scorpions can be a danger for everyone in your family, from your pets to your children. Fortunately, professional pest service in Gilbert can solve your problem quickly and effectively to provide you with peace of mind.

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